Paul Hawkins


How long have you been competing or partaking in your sport? 
Since 2005, so 11 years.

Where do you call home?
I am originally from Wrexham in North Wales but now live in Wilmslow Cheshire.

Favourite event or place to practice your sport? 
I've been very fortunate to train and race in some great countries but my favourite race has to be Ironman Wales. Not just because I am a very proud Welshman, it's also by far the toughest race on the Ironman circuit with a very rough swim, hilly bike and pretty tough run, but the atmosphere at the event is really amazing with the whole town and surrounding areas getting fully behind the event which makes it very special.

What is your focus within your sport (what sub-discipline of your sport do you do most)?
I compete in triathlon and focus on the longer distances up to Ironman distance. In terms of mileage and duration I spend longer on the bike than the other two disciplines as it has lesser impact on the joints than running and takes up the majority of the race distance. Saying that, I aim to complete the same amount of focus and attention to all three disciplines and focus more on quality rather than quantity.At present my most enjoyable discipline is the run, and this winter have found my passion for running again.

Why do you like that aspect the most?
The last two years I have been setback with an injury following a crash which prevented me from running hard interval sessions. Now I'm fully fit again and able to get stuck into running with a club again its great. I love the simplicity of running and just going out exploring the trails.

Do you have a local claim to fame (fittest, fastest, funniest, smelliest, etc.)? 
In triathlon, I have a reputation for being a "tough guy." I don't really know were this has come from. I presume being a former "Royal Marines Commando" may have something to do with it, and the fact that I pray for the worst possible conditions on race day as I race better in the cold and wet. I love training and especially training hard, I don't think I have anywhere near some of the natural talent that some of the guys I'm up against, and would say my biggest asset is my ability to push myself harder than anyone else in training/ racing and to really suffer like a dog when the racing gets tough.

Do you promote an annual event or are you involved in a charitable cause? 
Yes. I have just become an ambassador for Christie's charity which is an amazing charity and very local to me. 

Notable recent results?
Outlon Park Duathlon (British qualifier) — 3rd
Slateman Sprint - 2nd & Slateman full — 3rd = Slateman Savage (culmination of racing both over the weekend) — 1st
Deva Triathlon (British qualifier) — 4th
Abersoch Olympic Triathlon — 1st Paul Hawkins currently holds the Abersoch Olympic Triathlon course record at 2:10:28 which is exceptional considering how tough the Abersoch course is.
Salford Olympic Triathlon — 1st

Anything else you would like to add about yourself or your sport? 
Triathlon is not just a sport to me, it's a way of life and I love to train and race and meeting new people in the sport. I also am a triathlon coach which I great satisfaction from watching my athletes develop and achieve their goals whether it be British and European champion to finishing their first Ironman.