Nikki Bartlett


How long have you been competing or partaking in your sport?
5 years, 2 years as a Professional

Where do you call home?
I feel lucky enough to live in two beautiful parts of the world. My main base is Stirling, Scotland. And my hometown is Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Both incredible places. Scotland has the 'wow' factor for sure.

Favourite event or place to practice your sport?
When it's warm and sunny, training in Scotland is hard to beat!

What is your focus within your sport (what sub-discipline of your sport do you do most)?
This is a tough question. In the summer especially, swimming in the lochs is on par with cycling and running around Scotland. I probably favour the bike of all three, but it's a tough call between the bike and run. Starting as a complete novice swimmer, even one length was a mission. I don't find swimming a natural environment, so it's by far the hardest discipline for me to contend with, but one which is so rewarding when you can see the tiny improvements.

Why do you like that aspect the most?
Cycling in good weather is incredible, not just because of the sunshine on your back, but for the places it takes you. I've witnessed some seriously breathtaking moments, places, and scenery which I would have never seen otherwise. Driving through places isn't the same and by no means as rewarding.

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while doing your sport?
I'm a clumsy individual, so this is only highlighted and exaggerated whilst training. So let’s just say, there have been quite a few crazy moments!      

Do you have a local claim to fame (fittest, fastest, funniest, smelliest, etc.)?
Sweatiest. I will place a bet that no one can sweat more than I can. It's a fact.

Do you promote an annual event or are you involved in a charitable cause?
Good question, as I'm in the process of setting something up along these lines for 2018.

Notable recent results?
2016 — 4 x IRONMAN 70.3 podiums (Norway, Staffordshire, Pays d'Aix and IRONMAN Wales = 3rd place).
2017 — 9th IRONMAN South Africa Continental Championships, 2nd Challenge Salou, 2nd IRONMAN Staffordshire 70.3, 3rd IRONMAN Bolton, qualified for the IRONMAN World Championships.

Anything else you would like to add about yourself or your sport?
It's a privilege not only to take part in sport, but to compete at the highest level as a professional athlete. It's an honour to represent my sponsors, and what motivates me is seeing how far I can go within the sport. One part I love the most is meeting lots of driven, like-minded people all aiming to achieve their own goals.