Daz Parker


How long have you been competing in your sport? 
7 years

Where do you call home? 

Favourite event or place to practice your sport?
South Africa

What is your focus within your sport (what sub-discipline of your sport do you do most)? 
Mountain biking

Why do you like that aspect the most? 
It’s a skill as well as fitness.

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while doing your sport? 
Rescuing a skylark from a net in the jungle.

Do you have a local claim to fame (fittest, fastest, funniest, smelliest, etc.)? 
I'm callled Dazzling Daz Parker on the circuit.

Do you promote an annual event or are you involved in a charitable cause?
No just promote Xterra racing for a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Notable recent results?
2008 World Champ Overall ITU AG sprint triathlon, 2009 World Champion Xterra AG overall, 2014 2nd in Xterra Malaysia, 2014 selected for the London Hyde Park CRIT Race with the biggest world class Women's race since 2012.

Anything else you would like to add about yourself or your sport? 
I am aslso a stunt woman in films. I played the giant in 'Into the Woods' with Johhny Depp and Meryl Streep  and I was recently in "Legend" with Tom Hardy.

Plans for 2018?
I am currently training hard in the UK and Cyprus camps for Ironman 70.3 and Xterra World tour circuit. My first race will be in South Africa in February and then onto Xterra SE Asia tour in March and April.